Minnesota pitcher whose career was derailed by pot gets injured from drinking too much Pepsi

Hamburger's career was derailed first by pot, now by Pepsi.
Hamburger's career was derailed first by pot, now by Pepsi.

Mark Hamburger was a standout ball player at Mounds View High School and even pitched a few games in the big leagues. Then, he got high. Again, and again, and again, and again.

By last spring, Hamburger's pot problem had cost him his job in the MLB. He found himself living in his parents' Shoreview basement and pitching for the St. Paul Saints.

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Hamburger did well enough to earn a minor league contract with the Twins. He was sent down to Venezuela to pitch on a winter ball team, only to have his offseason cut short thanks to another one of his vices.

That vice is Pepsi, to be specific. Overloaded with sugar, Hamburger ended up straining a muscle in his throwing arm.

His doctor "tested my arm out and found my lat was weak," Hamburger told the Pioneer Press yesterday. "He tested my whole body and found I had too much sugar in my pancreas, and that was making my lat weak and creating the whole intense soreness for the arm."

The PiPress explains the root of the problem:

Normally a light drinker of Coca-Cola, Hamburger said he started pounding Pepsi before, during and after games in Venezuela. In part that was because of the unexpected bullpen role after signing with the understanding he would be starting.

Now back at his parents' house, Hamburger told the PiPress, "We got rid of the Coca-Cola at my house... I told my dad maybe I'll have a couple of candy bars on Halloween, but that's it. Basically, I'm a candidate for being diabetic."

This never would've happened had you stuck with the ganja and skipped the soda, Mark. Just sayin'.

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