Minnesota Nice TV show "in jeopardy" after "tall white woman" issue

The show is "in jeopardy." That reminds us, Jeopardy! is a great show, and you should just watch that instead.

The show is "in jeopardy." That reminds us, Jeopardy! is a great show, and you should just watch that instead.

We might be losing the next great local television show before it even makes the air. 

Yesterday, City Pages brought you the story of the casting call for Minnesota Nice, a retail showcase program that would, according to its Facebook post, be airing on Fox 9 locally. The call's narrow needs — for a white woman, 5'8" or taller, with no tattoos; TV experience not necessary — caught our eye. And it really pissed off people who are short, not white, tattooed, or open-minded, who saw the show's search for a co-host as a little too self-selective.

Those people flooded the Minnesota Nice Facebook page, hounding the producers of the show, and forcing them to first alter their post — striking the word "Caucasian," and the reference to "Fox 9" — and later take it down entirely. (They also deleted the many, many critical and snarky comments that had filled up the page.)

No worries, though, as the post was preserved for posterity by a City Pages reader, who helpfully sent along a screenshot of the original version. See below.

In a text exchange later Monday, producer Brock Dombrovski indicated that they'd had a change of heart, and might actually be looking for a minority co-host. He also implied that the show was still on track for production and airing — "everything good with Fox," he wrote — though we've been unable to verify that.

Since yesterday, representatives with the local Fox channel have deferred comment to a national spokesperson based in New York. Calls and emails for explanation have turned up nothing. The Fox corporate rep has yet to confirm or deny that the station had a relationship with the advertorial TV show, or to clarify if that relationship still exists.


Instead, Minnesota Nice went public Monday evening with another Facebook post, which suggested there might be trouble brewing for a show dedicated to “nicer living, nicer restaurants, nicer personal products and nicer fashion.”

Says the post: 

As a team we decided on how we look and view the show from the Production side. We, in no matter wanted to offend anybody nor did we want to waste anyones time for a simple casting. We do apologize for this misunderstanding, and for making the casting a PUBLIC opportunity for a certain person. We see how going public will offend some people. At this point no Media organizations has contacted us about our show in regards to this matter. We did reach out the the City Pages to clarify this matter that they had posted about us. In turn, City Pages has Defamed our character and has put Minnesota Nice TV Show in jeopardy, costing the jobs of our whole crew.(10 people)

The message ends with a somewhat bitter passage, which seems to blame the sensitive, politically correct wing of the internet for hurting the show, and denying Minnesotans all over the chance to see attractive white people walk through mansions and look at watches. 

"This show is designed to Showcase the nice products MINNESOTA BUSINESSES have to offer, and with the negative reactions, it's apparent on [sic] how much you actually care about this state."

Dammit, Minnesota. This is why we can't have nice things.