Minnesota Netroots tweets gubernatorial debate


Left-leaning denizens of the Internet converged in St. Paul and online for Netroots Minnesota this weekend to figure out how they can win elections and influence political debate. 

Tonight they hosted a gubernatorial debate -- liberals and progressives only -- in which participants were asked to submit questions and post comments using social media tools. The Strib's Lori Sturdevant moderated.

The eight candidates for governor who attended:

You can read the full agenda, and find your way into virtual conversations by clicking here. The tweets came thick and fast.

@politicsmn Q: As governor, how will you make the Capitol and MN govt more open to citizen bloggers and nontraditional / new media? #nmn09 #nmn09gov

@bloisolson Dayton says we should have schools open 7a to 11p -I just learned labor is 85 percent of education costs this week at my schools. #nmn09

@MNProgressive #nmn09 Next forum: Closing statements as tweets! 140 characters or less!!!

@SD32GOP DFL Solution rather than looking at real problem overspending RT @tomscheck: #nmn09 Dayton gets applause for saying "Tax the rich."

@Rachelsb More than an hour in to #nmn09, none of the candidates have been caught flat footed on a question. The benefit of 150zillion forums?

You can read the whole tweet stream by clicking here

The right side of Minnesota's online world took notice of the gathering and had some fun throwing barbs from a distance. This is from True North:


(When in downtown St. Paul today) and you're wondering why there are forty nebbishy white guys with professor glasses and Elvis Costello hair cuts in front of you at Subway asking if there's arugula and if the salami is free-range, and if the line at Caribou is paralyzed by perpetually outraged-looking women who look and sound like Sarah Vowell gabbing about why the Minnesota History Center is allowed to keep "his" in its name, and if you say "teabag" outloud and instead of a nervous titter or an uncomfortable shuffling of feet you get a round of applause so very very unanimous as to feel just a little bit odd? Not to worry.  "Netroots Minnesota" is going on at the Hilton Garden.

Tweet on.