Minnesota marriage amendment fight cost us $18 million we didn't need to spend

Was the "discussion" generated by the marriage amendment worth $18 million?
Was the "discussion" generated by the marriage amendment worth $18 million?
Image by Tatiana Craine

In May 2011, the MNGOP-controlled legislature voted to put a same-sex marriage amendment before voters. As we all know, after a bruising campaign, the amendment was defeated last November.

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According to the latest campaign finance reports, during that 18 month period, a total of $18 million was spent by individuals and organizations on either side of the issue. In other words, a cool million was spent each month, with the result being that Minnesota law is the same as it was before (for now, at least).

No wonder Minnesota Republicans are dissatisfied with the direction the party has taken since 2010.

According to the Associated Press, the marriage amendment campaign was the most expensive in the state during the last election cycle. Minnesotans United for All Families spent over $12 million, while the pro-amendment Minnesota for Marriage organization spent upwards of $5 million.

One wonders what all that dough could've been used for instead...

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