Minnesota man shovels snow in pink thong [VIDEO]

Minnesotans know all about shoveling. Now they're learning a bit about thongs.

Minnesotans know all about shoveling. Now they're learning a bit about thongs.

We know precious little about this video.

Do you need more than the basics? 

It snowed in Minnesota last week. When it snows, people must clear the walkway and the sidewalks around their home, lest they face fines by their city government or civil suits by their fellow citizens

Said snow may be cleared using either a snowblower or, traditionally, a specialized shovel. The toil of shoveling under the weight of a heavy winter coat can cause the laborer to overheat. Also, donning layers of additional clothing will limit the shoveler's range of motion, thereby lengthening the act, inhibiting proper form, and perhaps leading directly to physical injury.

There's only one obvious solution: Do your shoveling in a thong bikini. One Minnesota man did this last week, and some friend of his has charitably provided us (and YouTube) with the video evidence.

We know not this sunglass-wearing bro's identity. A check of his YouTube videos finds a recent recording of him being ordered out of a water park for wearing the same skimpy outfit.

According to the clip below, he was not forced back into his house to put on some decent clothes. Nope. He just goes on shoveling, eventually working his way right up to the camera. 

This guy could start some kind of service. Depending on the neighbor (and the shoveler) some people might be willing to pay a little extra. 

Maybe the shoveler in the thong is the explanation for all those frozen pants last year?