Minnesota Majority's hip-hop Obama smear

Tea Party hip-hop. God help us all.

Tea Party hip-hop. God help us all.

Minnesota Majority may bill itself as "Standing for Traditional Values," but that doesn't mean they're boring old sticks-in-the-mud. Far from it! They've got their ears to the street!

If there was any doubt that Minnesota's favorite conservative noise machine was down like Michael Steele, consider the group's latest bangin' political advertisement, a five-and-a-half-minute hip-hop tour de force that intercuts pole-dancing honeys and Escalades with doctored photographs of Barack Obama made up like Al Capone and alarming imagery of white people being silenced.


Seriously, this is a rich text that scholars are going to spend years unpacking. MC The Infidel covers some serious ground, starting with Obama's gangland origins:

"We hail from Chicago, criminal class / where Capone was the man - yea he kicked some ass. / We learned from the best and perfected his ways / Now we're setting DC ablaze."


But if you're thinking this is just a racist smear of our first black president as a "gangsta," hiding behind the beard of a black MC, think again. There's so much more here. "Gangsta Government" goes on to address virtually every bugaboo in the Tea Party catalog: the Federal Reserve, teachers unions, "pro-aborts," immigration amnesty, voter fraud, and energy-efficient light bulbs.

One particularly precious moment in the video's Orwellian bizarro-logic comes when Mr. Infidel indicts Obama's style of governance by trashing him with the misdeeds of his predecessor:

"Don't need the constitution or the rule of law / We abuse our power using shock and awe!"

Most of the rhymes in this video are pretty fresh, but I think we can all agree that last one stinks of 2003.

Between the lyrics, the visuals, and the fact that this thing exists at all, there's a lot more to be said about this. Shout out your favorite awesomeness in the comments.

You crazy for this one, conservatives!