Minnesota Majority will be spying on your vote

Election Integrity Watch: Right this way.
Election Integrity Watch: Right this way.
Photo: debaird

Minnesota Majority, the North Star Tea Party Patriots and Minnesota Voters Alliance plan to spy on your voting this Election Day.

Don't worry, though. They're a collection right-wing activists or sure, but they insist that raw politics has nothing to do with their work.

Just trying to ensure election integrity, MM's Jeff Davis tells MPR.

It's not that simple.

Minnesota Majority is a hub of religious conservatives in open warfare with Secretary of State Mark Ritchie since 2008. They've spear-headed the debunked meme that Al Franken beat Norm Coleman in that year's senate race thanks to the felon vote.

The Voters Alliance has been campaigning for years to require photo ID at the polls. And the patriot group hails Glenn Beck as a hero.

Election Integrity Watch only sees two kinds of voters in Minnesota: People who show photo identification at a polling place even though state law does not require them to, and people conspiring to commit fraud:

"This simple act of showing an ID will likely result in a spontaneous reaction from others in line behind you to show their ID as well. Any person in line thinking about committing voter impersonation will likely be dissuaded from doing so."

The group has published a laundry list of dark scenarios in which illegal immigrants are conspiring to throw the election (read: to Democrats), nursing home employees are forcing granny to vote the party line, and bus-loads of people are being carted from poll to poll so they can vote early and vote often.

Follow that bus, it urges supporters. Take pictures and video of it. Point your cameras at the people getting on and off. Write down the time it pulled up, its license plate number and the name of the bus company.

If possible, when the bus leaves your polling place, try to follow that bus without being noticed to see if it transports the same people to another polling place. Take note of the times and locations.

The vigilantes also want their volunteers to check for official ID.

Drivers licenses and state ID cards issued to non-citizens present in the country on a visa will have the notation "status check" and their visa expiration date printed on the lower-right corner of the ID card. Anyone carrying ID with this indicator is not a citizen of the United States and therefore not eligible to vote in Minnesota.

What? Are volunteers going to approach voters in line outside schools and fire stations and scare them into showing their papers?

DFL Party Chairman Brian Melendez smells a rat: Election Integrity Watch is trying to dissuade minorities and seniors from voting. "There's a possibility that they will keep people from turning out to the polls," he told MPR.

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