Minnesota Majority files complaint with DOJ


Minnesota Majority, a conservative group founded by with ties to former Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer (aka Kiffie), filed a complaint with the Department of Justice today. The complaint is against “dismissive” authorities during the recount, including Minnesota's current SOS Mark Ritchie, according to Finance and Commerce. Kiffmeyer is the former executive director of Minnesota Majority.

Minnesota Majority is saying that state voter registration rolls “revealed a number of irregularities," according to the report. The group sent a similar letter of concern to Ritchie's office in October and is now amping up their claim at the federal level.

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Hmm.. these claims of an election with integrity is ironic. In 2006, Kiffmeyer thought it was OK to stop some students from voting, which violated state law. A judge quickly overruled her.