Minnesota mails 36,000 layoff notices to state workers in case of shutdown


There's logic in here somewhere, we're sure of it: The crew at the Capitol that promised jobs, jobs, jobs in the last election is now presiding over a budget stalemate that's resulted in layoff warnings being sent to 36,000 state employees.

Even more layoffs loom if state government shuts down on July 1. And we'll all feel the pinch when that happens.


Planning to haul your boat Up North to fish or water ski in a state park over the July 4th weekend, or afterwards? Forget it. They won't be staffed.

Need to renew your driver's license, or register your car? Sorry. In fact, don't bother thinking about applying for all sorts of permits. No one will be around to help you.

That highway project slowing your commute could stretch on a lot long than you thought it would, because construction will come to a grinding halt.

Roughly 67,000 students enrolled in summer classes at 32 colleges, technical schools and universities will likely be left in the lurch.

And the fate of unemployment checks isn't certain yet, along with plans for state law enforcement, prison security and the like.

Who is to blame for this mess? We started looking into that today in Countdown To Shutdown.

Who do you think should get the blame?