Minnesota Lynx come for Luka Doncic on Twitter

Freakishly talented goofball Luka Doncic got absolutely roasted by the Minnesota Lynx Twitter account.

Freakishly talented goofball Luka Doncic got absolutely roasted by the Minnesota Lynx Twitter account. Twitter/Dallas Wings

One year into his pro basketball career, Luka Doncic is already a terror to play against, a nightly triple double threat who, at age 20, could take the reins of a game and beat you almost by himself.

Just ask the Timberwolves, who gave up 26, 27, and 29 points to the Dallas Mavericks star in three games last year.

Luka is also boyish and goofy as hell, wielding a plethora of outlandish gestures and silly faces beyond his years. Google "Doncic GIFs" for a taste of the Slovenian's delightful reactions to good basketball things.

The combination of talent and charm turned Doncic into one of the NBA's most popular players. On Wednesday, we learned the Rookie of the Year's growing fanbase does not include the Minnesota Lynx -- or whoever runs their surprisingly salty Twitter account.

It all started with a sweet little video the Dallas Wings WNBA team tweeted of Doncic holding the jersey of Arike Ogunbowale, that team's breakout rookie star, and rooting her on.

"Just keep pushing," Doncic says, "I know you're going to be Rookie of the Year. Best of luck to you."

See? Sweet, innocent, simple, friendly. 

What Doncic and the Wings did not know was the Minnesota Lynx Twitter was lying in wait, and fully prepared to spoil the good vibes by bringing that smoooooke.

Whoa! This is the Twitter equivalent of waiting until the guy guarding you's not looking and kindly reminding them you're there by planting an elbow in his youthful Slovenian ribs. 

The tweet raises two questions: Is this true? And, true or not, is it rough but clean? Or a foul? 

On count one, the Dallas Wings say the Lynx are wrong to suggest Luka's never been to a WNBA game.

(Proof of his presence at one is not evident just yet...)

On count two, it appears the majority of tweet replies found the Lynx unnecessarily harsh: 

Eventually even Mavericks owner Mark Cuban got in on the mix, comparing the Lynx account to a TV talking head he's feuded with.

The Lynx refused to back down, and tweeted images of Timberwolves players Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins at games.

Eventually, Lynx rookie Napheesa Collier joined in, first with a joke at Luka's expense...

...and then with an earnest message about her fellow rookies, and a plea for goodwill toward accounts and peace on timelines, which will... [opens Twitter] -- pardon us, already has fallen on deaf thumbs.