Minnesota likely to lose a seat in Congress after Census update

The latest projection of U.S. House seats after the 2010 Census population update doesn't look good for Minnesota. In all of the most recent Election Data Services scenarios, Minnesota loses one of their current eight seats in Congress. House seats are based on the population of each state. 

The loss of a seat could cause some interest problems with Democrats and Republicans likely to fight it out to save their balance in the state by either putting two candidates of the same party against each other in 2012 or redistricting to get rid of particular person currently in Congress (Michele Bachmann anyone?)

Read the full report (PDF) and check out the stats



Minnesota isn't the only Midwestern state faces loses. Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio are all facing potential seat losses as well. 

We'd also lose an electoral vote in the presidential races, dropping us to nine. 

Like we said before, our only option is to start a statewide baby making plan. Get started now, folks! Our state's future is at stake!

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