Minnesota led nation again in voter turnout

Minnesota, where all the voters are above average.

Minnesota, where all the voters are above average.

While state Republicans slag on Minnesota's election process, some new numbers suggest we have a lot to be proud of: No other state's voters went to the polls in greater numbers than us.

On the downside, that means the recount in the governor's race is going to take longer because of our civic mindedness.


Turnout here was 55.4 percent of eligible voters. That blows away the national average of 40.3 percent, and also means that we led the nation two election cycles in a row. In 2008, our turnout was 77.7 percent.

The least engaged voters? New Yorkers, of whom 32.1 percent voted.

Maybe they were worried that crazy guy running for governor with the baseball bat was going to meet them at the polls with a whole bunch of attitude.