Minnesota lawmakers propose gun control legislation [VIDEO]

Minnesota lawmakers propose gun control legislation [VIDEO]
The new law would make it illegal for felons to carry aummunition.

Two DFL legislators proposed a new bill this morning that would tighten Minnesota's gun laws for convicted felons and the mentally ill, including barring firearms from those convicted of felony-level domestic assault and making it illegal for felons to carry ammunition.

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Coming in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Sen. Ron Latz, Rep. John Lesch, and Hennepin County Attorney Micheal Freeman laid out the proposal at a capitol press conference, billing it as a "common sense" legislation.

"People need to know that their legislators and their elected officials are doing things to keep them safe," said Lesch. "And in this case, when there are far too many examples across the nation -- from Sandy Hook to Colorado and right here in Minnesota at Red Lake -- people need to know that their elected officials are responding to their concerns."

Under the new law, minors caught with guns could face harsher penalties, and repeat juvenile offenders could be prosecuted as adults. The bill would also allow law enforcement to crack down on people helping criminals access to guns, and clarify Minnesota's murky gun law for the mentally ill, prohibiting anyone who has been civilly committed from owning a firearm.

Watch footage of Lesch explaining the bill here:

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