Minnesota kids rock the National Spelling Bee


The Scripps National Spelling Bee started today and five Minnesota kids are in the race to be named the best underage speller around. The contest is into the third round and it looks like only one of the five Minnesotans tripped up on a word.

The five contestants from Minnesota: Ryne Kisch of Barnesville, Daniel Halvorson of Mankato, Anja Beth Swoap of Edina, Laura Galbus of Mantorville, and Audrey Lothspeich of Baxter.

Watch the finals Thursday night at 7 p.m on ABC.

We haven't had a chance to catch the spelling, but Bob Collins of Minnesota Public Radio has been keeping tabs on the kids. He says Galbus was eliminated after messing up mousseline (mouseline).

In round 2 this morning, Lothspeich advanced by correctly spelling perishable, Kisch got maverick, Halvorson spelled roulette correctly, Swoap got ludicrous right and Galbus scored with initiate.

Update 2:40 p.m. - Correct answers for Kisch (maquiladora ), Halvorson (pestis) , and Swoap (koinonia ), and Lothspeich (tintinnabulation).

If you can't catch the Bee live or need a reason to get excited about kids spelling, check out some of the past contestants in some highlights we found below. TV gold. Oh, and follow it all on Twitter.