Minnesota keeps getting fatter

Jucy Lucy, hearty eating.

Jucy Lucy, hearty eating.

Bad news for anyone who crowed about the Twin Cities' spring ranking as the American College of Sports Medicine's fittest city in America.

Minnesota has ballooned in the last 16 years, going from a 14.6% obese population in 1995 to 25.3% today, according to a report from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


Considering Minnesota's love affair with cheese curds and Jucy Lucys, this hardly comes as a surprise. But all that exercise we're famous for does seem to paying off for us in other ways.

The same report ranks Minnesota as one of the slowest-growing states for obesity. We're tied for 44th with Massachusetts. But still, an 11% increase in obesity is nothing to be proud of.

But things could be worse. Mississippi weighs in as the heaviest state in the union, with 34.4% of its citizens qualifying as obese. It is the only state with over 1/3rd of its population qualifying as obese, although Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Louisiana are near that mark.

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