Minnesota journalists still don't understand the Internet?

A mini-bailout for the Minnesota journalism industry? Hardly, but maybe it will help get them back up to speed on this newfangled thing known as the Internets.

The Duluth News Tribune, Pioneer Press and the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism and Mass Communication announced a $238,000 state grant that will help them retrain journalists on media in the digital age.

Retrain? Seriously?

Drudge Report couldn't resist poking some more fun at Minnesota. The story is currently the top headline on the site: NEWSPAPERS TO GET TAXPAYER $$ FOR 'INTERNET TRAINING'

How embarrassing.

More from the Associated Press:

The three will contribute about $469,000 to the effort, mostly by devoting staff time to training. The state money comes from the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership.

Paul Moe, the program's director, says newspapers around the country are looking closely at the project as a potential model.

Kathleen Hansen, director of the university's Minnesota Journalism Center, said the first step would be to assess the skills of the editorial and ad sales staffs at the newspapers, then tailor the training. A primary goal for both departments will be getting them away from print-based thinking, Hansen said.

We've got a better idea: retrain the staff as lawyers, doctors, or some other profession that gives them a hope of making money and keeping a job.