Minnesota job outlook worsening


Think the job outlook is bad now? It could get worse.

The latest employment forecast from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) shows that the state will have about 30,000 fewer jobs this time next year.

The industries with the biggest expected drops in number of jobs are, not surprisingly, employment services and building construction. Those industries are projected to lose 7.6 percent, and 6.7 percent of the jobs, respectively. The next biggest drops are furniture and related product manufacturing and printing and related support activities, which are tied for the third-biggest losers at a 5.1 percent decrease.

Kirsten Morel, DEED spokeswoman, cautioned that the numbers are only projections, and thus not to be taken as certain outcomes. But still, the numbers show a gloomy prediction for the job market. If you're thinking about a job change, you just might want to hang onto your seat.

The sectors with the biggest expected jumps are education and health services. Maybe its time to go to nursing school or get that teaching credential ... ?