Minnesota is the 31st fattest state in America


Do you look around at the State Fair and think, hmm, "sturdy Midwesterner" doesn't seem to do justice anymore to folks in line for deep-fried Twinkies on a stick? You're on the right track.

Twenty-five percent of Minnesotans are now obese, according to some fresh stats from an organization called the Trust for America's Health. That makes us the 31st most obese state in the Union. (The cheese heads are beefier: 36 percent, placing 26th.)

Updated: Interesting/weird/just plain goofy juxtaposition with our nod to Minneapolis-St. Paul being ranked the 3rd fittest city in America. (Hat tip Kirk.)

Here's the heavyweight Top 5:

1 Mississippi 32.5% 2 Alabama 31.2% 3 West Virginia 31.1% 4 Tennessee 30.2% 5 South Carolina 29.7%

The leanest? Colorado. Time to climb on the bikes, folks.

Full rankings here.

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