Minnesota is a great place to have a penis


It's shaping up to be a rough month for equality in Minnesota.

Last week a study revealed that the Twin Cities are the worst in the country when it comes to the difference in unemployment between blacks and whites.

Now a new report from the University of Minnesota and the Women's Foundation of Minnesota shows that women in the state are also getting the short end of the stick. Among the findings:

Over the course of her lifetime, a woman will earn $1 million less than a man simply because she is a woman. For women who graduate from professional schools, that number can climb to $2 million.

Breaking it down further, white women earn 76 cents for every dollar white men earn. Black and Latina women earn 61 cents and 56 cents on the dollar respectively.

The report has lots of other discouraging facts:

  • There are twice as many elderly women as elderly men living below the poverty line
  • One in three Minnesota women experiences sexual or physical violence by the time they're middle aged
  • In February of this year roughly 80 girls under 18 were involved in child prostitution in Minnesota.

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