Minnesota is 7th worst state to be a woman

In the past few weeks, Minnesota has been labeled the gayest, the bike-friendliest, and the most hipster-y, but apparently it's no place for a lady.

Yet another declarative article has slammed our fair state for being one of the ten worst to be a woman of reproductive age. That puts us in with the likes of Mississippi and Texas.

AlterNet assembled the list based on how much restriction is placed on abortion services, access to reproductive health care and birth control, and funding for family planning programs. Mississippi topped the list for having only two legal abortion clinics and the third highest teen pregnancy rate. South Dakota earned its number three rank for instituting a 72-hour waiting period and mandatory counseling session before an abortion can legally be performed.

Minnesota ranked seventh because of House Speaker Kurt Zellers's proposed ban on abortions after 20 weeks, and another bill banning public funding of abortions, both of which passed the House recently. Though neither has become law yet, it's apparently bad enough that they're even being considered.

Not to add fuel to this fire, but we'd throw in that a bunch of legislators including Michele Bachmann and Chip Cravaack also wanted to redefine rape in an attempt to limit public funding of abortions (you know, "rape" versus "rape rape"). Minnesota is also the proud home-base for troll and hoaxster Pete Arnold.

So, hike up our skirts and start running for the border (not South Dakota's obviously)? Or hope that we can get the gays, hipsters and bikers to have our back?

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