Minnesota hipsters: Good or evil? [POLL]

Just like Paul Bunyan, we were Born This Way.
Just like Paul Bunyan, we were Born This Way.

The internets just loaded an epithet cannon and fired it directly at all of our faces.

In an official ruling via infographic, BuzzFeed has decreed Minnesota the most hipster state in the U.S. And they offer some artful pop-culture cherry-picking as evidence.

The logic, we should point out, is a little tricky.

Apparently, we lead the nation in searches for the term "hipster," which ostensibly means we're the most confused state about what a hipster is. But while that conjures up the image of our parents typing the word in with their index fingers, according to BuzzFeed, the numbers mean we really are the "most hipster" state.

Without jumping too quickly into the defensive position, let's all calmly and collectively take a look at the post's few other key hipster indicators: lumberjack look-a-likes, bike-friendliness, farmers' markets, live theater and Juno.

Oh, Diablo, you have undone us.
Oh, Diablo, you have undone us.

So, like, OK, fine, we're the third-largest theater market in the U.S., and Juno was written by former City Pages staffer Diablo Cody. We bested Portland for best bike city last year, which is no small feat for a community that has to spend nine months indoors. Some of this stuff we are damn proud of.

As for the "lumberjack look," see here: Some of us are lumberjacks. And we dare you to try to use the word "twee" to define Bob Dylan, Prince, Soul Asylum, Hüsker Dü and Atmosphere.

So, badge of honor or mantle of shame? You be the judge.

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