Minnesota Hells Angels website is an epic experience [VIDEO]

"We come from the land of the ice and snow ...
"We come from the land of the ice and snow ...

With our annual Best Of issue just around the corner, a strong contender for the state's Best Website has been created by an unlikely source: The Hells Angels.

We all knew they could ride bad-ass hogs, but who knew the Hells Angels were also geeky HTML programmers? This website could kick Hunter S. Thompson's ass!

When you first arrive at the Hells Angels of Minnesota's website, you're asked to choose between "High Speed" or "Dial-Up," which suggests that some of the Hells Angels are still rocking AOL e-mail addresses.

After you choose your poison, you are treated to the kind of footage that would be right at home on the Vikings' jumbo tron. It starts with a ghostly Vikings boat floating across the screen and the sound of a cold wind echoing through the frost plain. A bolt of lightening shatters the sky, and then the familiar skyline of Minneapolis appears, set to the galvanizing soundtrack of Led Zepplin's "Immigrant Song."

When you press enter, you're treated to a more standard webpage, but the soundtrack is "Turn the Page," which conjures images of lonely midnight motorcycle rides, during which one might reflect on the irony of using this classic song on a web page that cannot be turned.

Seriously, you have to see this website. We even made a video for those afraid to tread into the Angel's electronic clubhouse:

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