Minnesota happiness, by Congressional district


Ever wondered how happy you and your neighbors are compared to the rest of the country? The latest Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index came out today and it breaks down happiness by Congressional districts as well as by state.

Minnesota is the fifth happiest state in the country, the survey says. But didn't we just hear Minneapolis was extremely sad? New survey, new conclusions.

Get the details on your district below.

Based on the index, Rep. Erik Paulsen's district is the happiest in Minnesota and 23rd happiest in the nation. The three Minnesota Republican districts made it in the Top 100 happiest. Rep. Tim Walz's district was the only Minnesota DFL district to make that list at No. 99.

Here are the rankings by district out of 435 total:

1st: District (Walz-D) 99

2nd District (Kline-R):51

3rd District (Paulsen-R): 23

4th District (McCollum-D): 180

5th District (Ellison-D): 186

6th District (Bachmann-R): 37

7th District (Peterson-D): 131

8th District (Oberstar-D): 235

Find out more details on other district rankings here.

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Last week, the Twin Cities ranked 19th out of the nations Top 20 Unhappiest Cities in the U.S in a BusinessWeek report.