Minnesota gay marriage ban misses target: Straight folk ruin marriage fine by themselves

A dying breed.
A dying breed.

Maybe instead of blaming gays for ruining marriage, the Minnesota morals police ought to be blaming the straights.

According to Census figures, heterosexual folk in these parts are following as national trend by deciding in greater numbers than ever that the whole walking-down-the-aisle business is nothing but a huge waste of time. They'd rather shack up to raise a family, or not even have a partner around to change the diapers -- in a state where gay marriage is already against the law.

In the seven-county Twin Cities area, households with married couples are now in the minority - 48.6 percent -- for the first time in history. In the rest of the state, the married-couple figure is barely half of the population.

"You don't have to be married to be seen as an adult now," U of M social scientist Tom Doherty tells the Strib. "Before, a 30-something unmarried guy was passed over for a management position, and a 30-something unmarried woman was a spinster who was seen as living a depleted life. Now we have a lot more opportunity and cultural permission for people to live big parts of their adult life outside of marriage."

Where's the Minnesota Family Council on this? Shouldn't they be drafting a "living in sin" ban for the state constitution?

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