Minnesota for Marriage decries straight couple divorce in making anti-gay marriage case [VIDEO]

Bet you can't guess how Yanta answers this question.
Bet you can't guess how Yanta answers this question.

In the latest Minnesota Marriage Minute video, host Kalley Yanta begins with the following observation, which she then supports by referencing a number of studies: "It is an accepted truth of human existence, really, that while death and divorce too often prevent it, children do best when they are raised by their biological parents."

The series of Minnesota Marriage Minute videos are paid for by anti-gay marriage group Minnesota for Marriage, so Yanta is clearly suggesting that the fact kids whose parents have divorced tend to not turn out as well is a reason to support the proposed same-sex marriage ban.

But there's a hole in her logic: How do relatively poor educational and mental health outcomes for kids whose straight parents have divorced have anything to do with the gay marriage issue?

Of course, many gay couples would take issue with the notion that the optimal situation for raising a child is one where their biological parents stay married. But if that word is stricken from Yanta's observation, then her line of argument no longer ends up making an anti-gay marriage case.

In fact, she could actually be interpreted as making an argument on behalf of gay marriage. After all, whether they can legally marry or not, gay couples will continue to adopt children. And if the studies Yanta discusses are legitimate, then wouldn't it be best for adopted children if their gay parents could make the commitment of marriage to each other?

Consider it another example of how the logic invoked to support the proposed same-sex marriage ban can seem lacking when held up to scrutiny.

Here's the video:

-- Hat tip to the New Civil Rights Movement.

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