Minnesota Family Council wants "respectful discussion," calls gays urine-drinking pedophiles

Tom Prichard of the the Minnesota Family Council, which says its "truth" isn't personal.

Tom Prichard of the the Minnesota Family Council, which says its "truth" isn't personal.

The vote to ban gay marriage in Minnesota is more than a year away, but already, things are starting to get ugly.

The Minnesota Family Council--the organization behind the gay marriage ban--has a document on its website explaining that gay people drink urine, eat feces, and engage in bestiality. Oh, and many pedophiles are gay.

When bloggers pointed out these ugly accusations, the council quickly pulled the documents from its website.


All this yuck comes after the Minnesota House agreed last week to put an amendment to the state constitution on the 2012 ballot. So far, 31 states have passed constitutional gay marriage bans at the polls, including California and Maine. If Minnesota voters choose to shoot down a gay marriage ban, they'll be the first citizens in the nation to do so.

Sunday, as 300 people protested in Loring Park, the man behind the anti-gay-marriage movement explained why people shouldn't be upset.

"[O]ur goal is to not make it personal," said Tom Prichard, president of the Minnesota Family Council. "I think we can have a respectful discussion and conversation on the importance of marriage in our state, where there's widespread support that the best environment to raise children is with a loving mother and father."

Guess Prichard realized it would look pretty bad to call for a "respectful discussion" while simultaneously accusing gays of having sex with animals and children, and treating them like sick people in need of a cure. Here are some choice quotes from the missing document, which purports to be a guide to countering arguments in support of gay marriage:

MFC wants a "respectful" debate, as long as it doesn't have to tell the truth.

MFC wants a "respectful" debate, as long as it doesn't have to tell the truth.

7. "We are a legitimate minority, just like those who have won similar protections before us."

7a. Civil rights theory is intended to protect true status, not behavior. What gay rights laws ask for is a special privilege for homosexual behavior not generally available to other groups identified by aberrant behavior--such as those who commit incest, adultery, bestiality, or pedophilia.

8. "Gay people are not different in their behaviors from other people."

8a. Homosexual practices are often astonishing to heterosexual people. Homosexuals must use body apertures not constructed for sexual penetration or bring their mouth into contact with areas designed for the elimination of human waste, which causes serious hygienic and health risks. Some homosexuals become urolagniacs (ingesting urine and feces) and engage in bestiality as well as other deviant behaviors.

8d. The homosexual population includes a disproportionate number of pedophiles. Many prominent homosexuals and organizations have the stated objective to remove age-of-consent laws from state statutes.

We'll see just how "respectful" the discussion stays after all this.