Minnesota DFL blogger responsible for satirical "Obama bucks"


Irony and satirical content doesn't always translate so well online. And a former Anoka County DFLer is learning the hard way.

In May, Timothy Kastelein drew a cartoon dollar bill with a caricature of Sen. Barack Obama, ribs, chicken and watermelon on it. He labeled it "Obama Bucks".

And when a Republican took the image and used it for a more serious argument, the joke was quickly lost.

According to the Star Tribune:

Kastelein, 31, said the cartoon was meant to satirize "fringes of the Republican Party who fear a black president."

Kastelein said he is "a strong Obama supporter." He was elected an associate chair of his Democratic Party precinct in Ramsey in February, said Mike Schroeder, chairman of Senate District 48 for the DFL. Schroeder said he did not know Kastelein.

Kastelein said he never did any work in his DFL post and left Ramsey soon after. He declined to say where he lives now out of fear that he may face hostility for the cartoon. He took down his website Wednesday.


The Press-Enterprise of Riverside, Calif., said Diane Fedele, president of the Chaffey (Calif.) Community Republican Women, Federated, put the illustration in her October newsletter. She said Obama's face is more likely to end up on food stamps rather than a dollar bill. She told the paper she didn't know the items on the image were African-American stereotypes or racist. She resigned after the critical reports erupted.

Here is MSNBC's Keith Olbermann's comments on the story:

Whoops. The bloggers site is now down and forwards viewers to Obama's donation site. Leave it to the Republicans to ruin all the fun or irony, right?