Minnesota Democratic headquarters vandalized with pro-Trump message


It's getting ugly out there.

Donald Trump appeared in Minnesota for the first time Sunday afternoon.

On Monday morning, the state's Democratic party discovered lingering evidence of Trump's influence on one of his supporters. 

DFL Party chairman Ken Martin shared a photo Monday of a vandalized sign outside the DFL Party headquarters in St. Paul. Scrawled in spraypaint across the sign were the words "FOR TRUMP." 

The message's meaning is hard to discern. Is the vandal trying to suggest that the DFL Party should be voting for Trump? Is he or she a DFL voter normally, but switching to the other side this year?

Martin's not waiting to learn a motive before judging the spraypaint.

"This is what we do now in Minnesota? Unbelievable, but not surprising, that Trump supporters would resort to vandalism." 

Of late, politically active people of both sides are losing their damn minds and destroying property. The North Carolina Republican Party building was firebombed, with "Nazi Republicans leave town or else" painted on its wall; a black church in Mississippi was set ablaze, the arsonist leaving a "Vote Trump" message. 

Martin says the vandalism in St. Paul fits in with a "disturbing pattern" of intimidation from Trump supporters toward Hillary Clinton voters in Minnesota. 

Writes Martin: "It may make someone feel good to engage in this behavior but trust me that childish acts like this only motivate us more for this final push."