Minnesota Daily's finals week edition might've scared Al's Breakfast fans

Today is the first day of finals week at the University of Minnesota, so that means the Minnesota Daily is out with its regular parody edition.

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As you can see above, this semester's issue makes light of two big issues facing the campus community in recent months -- the rapid redevelopment of the Dinkytown area, and a crime spree that has students petitioning for more cops on campus.

If you just took a quick look at the Al's headline, you might've taken it seriously, but a closer inspection should've cleared up any confusion -- the three stories featured in the banner across the top of the front page are all adorned with cat pics, with the middle one alluding to a story about a building being evacuated thanks to an "ass leak."

Sure, Chick-fil-A can do a number on your innards, and college students aren't known to maintain the healthiest diets anyway, but still, had there really been an evacuation due to flatulence yesterday, you can bet we'd have a post or ten up about it already.

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