Minnesota Daily publishes creepy rape cartoon

Maybe satire isn't the best way to comment on rape...

Maybe satire isn't the best way to comment on rape...

Reports of sexual assaults at fraternities near the University of Minnesota have made for big headlines in all the local newspapers these past few days. In Tuesday's paper, the Minnesota Daily's editorial board decided to attack the controversial subject via cartoon.


The illustration , titled "How do you do," shows a creepy-looking guy handing a woman a drink at a "partay" (a frat partay, we imagine). In his other hand he holds three nondescript pills.

"Hey there, how about a drink?" the guy is saying to his female party guest, who is looking eerily flattered. "I'm Joe, and I'll be your rapist tonight."

Here's a screen grab from

At least one Daily reader thinks that the cartoon crosses the line. Here's an excerpt from a comment on the story:


I'm really not okay with this cartoon and am quite upset with MN daily for publishing it. As a women who has been raped and sexually assaulted this cartoon is making a joke out of something that will happen to 1 in 4 women some time in their lives.

The cartoon is clearly pointing an accusatory finger at the frats in question, but the image is still a little unsettling amid reports of 19-year-old women being attacked in bathrooms. We also wonder how this one is hitting the Greek community over at the U -- particularly those not accused of sexual assault.