Minnesota Confederate Corey Stewart went on CNN to defend 'Southern heritage' [VIDEO]


Chris Cuomo and Corey Stewart on CNN was like the Lincoln-Douglass debates on three bottles of cough syrup. CNN

CNN viewers endured a very annoying earful on Wednesday night, as host Chris Cuomo did nearly 20 minutes of fruitless verbal battle with his guest, Corey Stewart. 

Cuomo tried nailing Stewart down on a number of topics: being one of Donald Trump's favorite new candidates this year; joking that his opponent, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) should be in jail; Stewart's association with deeply bigoted types, and his love of the Confederate flag.

Stewart offered a master class in whataboutism -- "by the way, your own father said antisemitic things," he blurted out -- admitted nothing, and defended everything. 

"You want to condemn Southern heritage, you want to condemn everything," Stewart said at one point. 

It's a familiar sentiment, Stewart's. But cable TV watchers unfamiliar with his backstory probably wondered: Where's his accent? 

Allow us to enlighten you. He's a Northerner, through and through. Corey Stewart was born in Duluth, Minnesota. He went to college here, undergrad at St. Olaf, then law school at William Mitchell (now Mitchell-Hamline). Then he moved to Virginia.

Corey Stewart is a Yankee by birth, a Confederate by choice, and generally awful. He's also the Republican-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate in the state of Virginia, with a "major chance of winning!", if you ask Donald Trump.

By strange coincidence, Stewart shares a native state with his opponent: Though his family would soon move, Democrat Tim Kaine was born in St. Paul.

That's right, both candidates in Virginia's U.S. Senate race are Minnesotan. Only one is running to represent that state in this century.

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