Minnesota class action lawsuit against Philip Morris reinstated

Marlboro Lights: The target of the lawsuit.

Marlboro Lights: The target of the lawsuit.

A controversial class-action lawsuit filed against a behemoth of Big Tobacco, the maker of Marlboro Lights cigarettes, has been reinstated by the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

The lawsuit was thrown out in 2009. It called out Altria and Philip Morris for using false advertising, consumer fraud, and deceptive trade practices to market the cigarettes in violation of Minnesota consumer-protection statutes.


The class includes smokers who bought Marlboro Lights in Minnesota from 1972 through November 2004 believing them to be something the company knew they were not: safe.

The lawsuit survived numerous twists and turns before a lower court dismissed it in 2009. The ruling today allows the suit to move forward again, but with what appears to be an important caveat: Altria, the parent company of Philip Morris, cannot be sued.

You can download and read the entire opinion at the Appeals Court of Minnesota website.