Minnesota cat ties world record for cat toes, can purportedly speak English



Ready for some *ahem* "toe-tally" outrageous "mews" outta Northfield? 

Paws, a three-year-old house cat, has tied the Guinness World Record for most toes on a cat, CBS News reports. The polydactyl cutie boasts 28 total toes, tying a record set in 2002 by Jake, a cat from Canada. 

"[They] almost [look] like a catcher's mitt," owner Jeanne Martin says of Paws' titular paws, noting that her vet doesn't charge more to trim the bonus digits -- three extra on each forepaw, one extra on each hind paw.

"But she can walk on the edge of a drawer, for instance," Martin continues, "because her feet kind of grip."

Before her drawer-walking days, Paws was a helpless kitten marooned on a Cokato syrup farm. Thankfully, Martin's daughter's partner, Walter, rescued the record-setting creature. It's all detailed in this story from CBS News:

The 80-second report concludes with a bombshell anecdote: Apparently Paws, already blessed with oh so many toes, is also endowed with the ability to speak -- in English. 

"She can even say 'hello,' it's really funny," Martin alleges. "She makes a lot of noises, but sometimes she says 'hello, hello, hello.'"

CBS cameras failed to catch Paws speaking. 

Anyway, as we careen into the weekend, be sure to live your life by (what we imagine is) Paws' credo: Grip it, rip it, and always make your human voice heard.