Minnesota by the Numbers

Who Gives, Who Gets

Zip code 55405 includes Minneapolis's Kenwood neighborhood, Cedar-Isles, and Bryn Mawr--some of the most monied swaths of the Twin Cities. So far in the 2006 election cycle its residents have contributed $317,371 to congressional candidates and the soft-money funds that support them. One of the top donors: Julia Dayton, who, by the close of the Federal Election Commission reporting period last month, had ponied up $55,000 to mostly Democratic candidates (those donations to Ford Bell have to be some sort of strange strategy to throw Mark Kennedy off his stride).

Contrast that with zip code 55411, 55405's immediate neighbor to the north, a rough square (no pun intended) comprising the part of Minneapolis colloquially referred to as Near North. So far its residents have given congressional hopefuls exactly $7,624; $5,500 of which came from one donor; another $500 went to Mississippi Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson--a few of whose consituents doubtless have landed in the area.

Interested in your neighbors' politics? You can track political largesse by zip code by visiting the Center for Responsive Politics' Open Secrets database.