Minnesota boy nearly crushed by runaway snowmobile at X Games [VIDEO]

Who knew taking in the X Games could be so dangerous?
Who knew taking in the X Games could be so dangerous?
Image by Tatiana Craine

Eleven-year-old Riley Bester almost met his demise while taking in the snowmobile jump competition at the X Games in Aspen, Colorado last night.

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Bester and his father traveled from Prior Lake for the event. Standing hundreds of feet away from the snowmobile jump and landing, they must've thought they were safe -- until a snowmobile's clutch got stuck after a jump-gone-awry, resulting in the machine careening right for them at breakneck speed.

Here's the footage -- you can see Riley getting tackled out of the snowmobile's path and into a truck just after the machine crashes through the plastic fence:

Considering his son was nearly killed by a runaway snowmobile, it would've been understandable had Riley and/or his father, Jeremy, pulled a Fred Smoot. But in an interview with USA Today following the incident, Jeremy said it wasn't a big deal.

"It really wasn't scary because we're around sleds all the time," Jeremy said. Yes, but being around sleds is one thing -- being around riderless ones accelerating right toward a gaggle of onlookers is another, isn't it?

Jeremy hit his knee on the truck while being tackled by his father and required medical attention, but thank goodness, it sounds like his injuries weren't serious. The snowmobile jumper also emerged from the wreck unhurt.

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