Minnesota bear gives birth live on the Internet

Lily the black bear is melting down the Internet connection, but her big moment was broadcast live online this morning -- after days of speculation, she gave birth. Tens of thousands of viewers logged onto the site's bear cam over the past few days to try and catch a glimpse of such a normally hidden natural moment.

North American Bear Center biologist Lynn Rogers installed a webcam in Lily's den near Ely earlier this month. This morning more than 50,000 viewers tried to access the Web site hosting the video, making it difficult to log on.

MPR reported Lily's cub came into the world at 11:38 a.m.

"We're just on edge because we want to see everything, and I mean every bout of labor and time it, and how long between labor sessions. This is an opportunity I've not had in my 43 years of research," Rodgers told the station.

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