Minnesota Athletes of the Year: Comment of the day

Lindsey Vonn was our Athlete of the Year. Brett Favre wasn't.

Lindsey Vonn was our Athlete of the Year. Brett Favre wasn't.

We named the UMD Football rushing attack, Joe Mauer, Jason Litzau, Dustin Byfuglien and Lindsey Vonn to our Minnesota Athletes of the Year list, and there was grumbling in the ranks: What? No Brett Favre? Nope. Not even in the honorable-mention category.



Favre's ego should be number one on the list. Of course, without it, the Vikes could be building a team, not renting out a circus stage for an athlete who should be taking up golf or some other individual sport where you don't have to care about those who depend on you. I should qualify my answer by revealing that I am over 60 and love golf!


While I will agree that Favre's best days are certainly behind him, I do have to admire the man's grit. It must be obvious that he's the only prayer this team has to be competitive at the quarterback position. T-Jack continues to be a pretender and due to the bull-headedness of Chilly, the main backup. Joe Webb cannot be held accountable due to lack of inexperience. The only viable backup the team had was Rosenfels, who now is watching the Giants self destruct from their bench. While Favre loves the drama and the media, he has always been a competitor. I truly believe he was ready to sit this season out until the circus went to MS to get him. I also believe it this time when he says he's done. My hope is he sits the Philly game and comes back to play the finale in Detroit. Maybe the football gods will smile on him one more time and divine intervention will prevail and keep the pass rushers at bay long enough for him to get some passes off before being crushed again. Love him or hate him, Favre has been entertaining to say the least and we can't discount the fact that he had them one play away from the SB last year until the infamous 12th man debacle. Yes, he threw the interception but it was a play that shouldn't have had to been run. I don't know of Brett plays golf.

No Brett Favre on the list? What say you?