Minnesota asks residents to stop overreacting to swine flu


As more evidence appears to show that the H1N1 virus (commonly known as swine flu) is not currently a serious threat to those who become ill, Minnesota officials are asking people to stop freaking out so much about it.

Probable cases of the flu have closed several schools across the state to stop infection, but health officials are now saying a staff or student infection shouldn't be cause for immediate closure of schools.

Time to put on face mask on your kiddos so they can  get back to learning.

There has only been one confirmed case of this particular virus in Minnesota, with several probable cases left to be confirmed.

Yesterday, all Orono schools and one Minneapolis school closed for the day after learning of probable cases associated with their students or staff. The Orono middle school and elementary school reopened today, but the high school remained closed. Emerson Spanish Immersion School in Minneapolis plans to stay closed all week.

More from the Pioneer Press:

The switch by state health officials reflects growing confidence that this never-before-seen virus is acting much like traditional seasonal influenza and is not going to be the spark for a deadly global pandemic.

School officials will have the option to close, but they also may simply require that sickened students stay home long enough to no longer be infectious -- usually a week.

The state also is switching its testing policy: It is asking for samples only from hospitalized patients, not anyone with flu-like illnesses.