Minnesota ACT scores climb while U.S. scores stall

We need a new bumper sticker: "I'm From Minnesota, And My Kid's Smarter Than Your Kid." Here's why: While the rest of the country's high school seniors appear to be dumming down -- at least as measured by ACT scores -- Minnesota's seniors are wising up.

The state Office of Higher Education says that for the sixth straight year, "Minnesota's high school graduates posted the highest average ACT score among states where a majority of graduates took the college entrance exam."

The average score for Minnesota's 2010 high school graduates was 22.9 on a 0 to 36 scale. Minnesota's average score has increased each of the last four years, with the average score in 2009 at 22.7. The average ACT score for 2010 high school graduates nationally was 21.1.

That puts us Mo. 1 in the Top 10 states where the majority of students take the ACT:

1.Minnesota 2. Iowa 3. Wisconsin 4. Nebraska 5. Montana 6. Kansas 7. South Dakota 8. Utah 9. Ohio 10. Idaho

Yay us! Details here.

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