Minnesota 2nd-Most Liberal State, Study Says


A study put together by The Hill concludes that Minnesota is the second-most liberal state in the country, only behind Washington.

The Hill cites Minnesota's history of supporting Democratic presidential candidates and the DFL's control of the legislature, among other factors, as reasons the state is just about as deep blue as it gets these days.

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To determine the rankings, The Hill "looked at voting trends and history in all 50 states to find the most secure Republican and Democratic strongholds, and which states appear to be up for grabs."

Here's what the site says about Minnesota specifically:

Voted for Democratic president in last seven elections; two Democratic senators; five out of eight House representatives are Democrats; past three governors have been one Reform Party member, one Republican and one Democrat; Democratic-controlled Legislature.
Here are The Hill's 10 most liberal states:
  1. Washington

  2. Minnesota

  3. Oregon

  4. California

  5. Rhode Island

  6. New York

  7. Massachusetts

  8. Maryland

  9. Michigan

  10. Wisconsin

And here are the 10 most conservative:

  1. Alabama (most conservative)

  2. Alaska

  3. Idaho

  4. Kansas

  5. Mississippi

  6. Nebraska

  7. Oklahoma

  8. Utah

  9. Wyoming

  10. South Carolina

Minnesotans, for what it's worth, don't think of themselves as being extremely liberal. A Gallup poll released earlier this year indicates that only 23.3 percent of us self-identify as liberal. Nineteen states have a higher percentage of self-identified liberalness.

In sum, what we tell ourselves is one thing, but who we vote for when it comes time to cast ballots is another.

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