Minnehaha Falls looks pathetic, could get worse


Minnesota is experiencing some pretty intense drought conditions lately. So you can only imagine the disappointment on anyone's face when they come visit one of Minneapolis's landmarks, Minnehaha Falls, to only find a trickle coming over what used to be a roaring waterfall you feared could take your life if you accidentally took your canoe over the edge.

Well now you'd have to walk your canoe over the "waterfall" and likely land on some soggy ground instead of a rumbling pool of suds. Can you even call it a waterfall when your home shower has more water pressure?

Note: This photo is actually from last year. So just imagine Minnehaha Falls even worse and you'll get the point.

And it could get worse before it gets better. The Minnehaha Creek, which begins at Lake Minnetonka, has been shut off from that water source because the lake levels are so low. That means the creek isn't receiving a bulk of it's water flow right now, making the Falls even more embarrassing.

Check out the KSTP report on the closing of the dam:


But that could change quickly if this weekend actually is the washout we've heard in the weather forecast. Until then, avoid taking any out-of-town guests to check out our urban waterfall. They'll probably refuse to visit the Twin Cities again.