Minneapolis's appeal in Goodman, Hoyt, case denied


The Minnesota Court of Appeals has sent a controversial development case back to Hennepin County District Court -- setting the stage for a trial on whether Minneapolis should pay developer Brad Hoyt millions in damages.

On September 16, Judge Stephen C. Aldrich ruled that the City had violated Hoyt's rights to due process when it rejected his application to build a tower on Loring Hill. The target of Hoyt's suit was Councilmember Lisa Goodman. Aldrich ruled that Goodman had violated Hoyt's rights to due process when she took a position against it before a public hearing on the matter. In the past, Hoyt has sought $23.6 million in damages, though that number may change as the trial moves forward.

On September 25, the City of Minneapolis appealed -- a highly unusual move as the case was not yet complete in District court. The City's move sought to undo the lower court's ruling. But now, the issue has been bounced back to the lower court -- and Aldrich -- to decide. Here is the ruling from the Appeals Court judge.