Minneapolis woman claims Tiger Woods hurt knee in Navy SEAL urban warfare simulator

A Minneapolis woman claims Tiger tore knee ligaments during simulated combat, not on the course or in the gym.
A Minneapolis woman claims Tiger tore knee ligaments during simulated combat, not on the course or in the gym.

During the past two-plus years, Tiger Woods has been dogged by revelations he's a waitress-chasing serial wife-cheater... and recurring injuries.

In late 2009, it seemed inevitable that Woods, then 33 and with 14 major championships to his name, would easily surpass Jack Nicklaus' career record of 18 major victories. But since then, in addition to a crumbling marriage-related exile from the game in early 2010, Woods hasn't shown many flashes of his old dominance while struggling to play through Achilles tendon and knee injuries.

Now, in a new book set to be released next week, a Minneapolis woman makes the bizarre claim that Woods didn't hurt his knee on the course or in the gym -- rather, he hurt it in a California Navy SEAL urban warfare simulator.

In "The Big Miss," a forthcoming book by Hank Haney, Woods' longtime swing coach, Haney discusses Tiger's obsession with being in world-class physical condition -- an obsession that motivated Woods to put himself through the most rigorous training he could find, and one that may have derailed his dominant form on the golf course.

One of Woods' close friends told Haney that Tiger hurt his right Achilles tendon doing Olympic-style weightlifting as he rehabbed from knee surgery. Then, last year, during an outing in Minnesota, a woman from Minneapolis approached Haney and told him that her husband, a Navy SEAL in California, was at a war-simulating "kill house" in 2007 when Woods came in for training. The woman's husband told her that Woods "got kicked pretty hard in the leg, and I think he hurt his knee pretty bad."

Haney writes:

My immediate thought upon hearing Corey's account, which so closely paralleled that of the woman in Minneapolis, was that it was true. And if so, it meant that if Tiger never catches Jack Nicklaus, it will very likely have as much to do with the time and physical capacity he lost as a result of his bizarre Navy SEALs adventure as anything else.

Kicked in the leg during a war simulation, battered with a golf club by his supermodel wife, whom he spurned in the pursuit of free lovin'... it's been an interesting life for Tiger Woods. Not to mention all he's accomplished on the golf course prior to his mysterious string of injuries.

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