Minneapolis WiFi forced some residents to defecate in bags, shower with garden hose


You get one new technology, you lose another. That's the way our world works these days, particularly this weekend for a household of Minneapolis residents this weekend.

The Star Tribune's Whistleblower is on fire with another mind-boggling story about a home in Minneapolis that went without sewer service for five days until a reporter started bugging the city to fix it.

Steve Lang and his sister Angela Lang spent the last five days showering in their backyard with a garden hose and visited the local co-op to use the bathroom. Sometimes Steve would even just use a plastic bag. The house lost sewer service when one of the city's WiFi wooden poles was installed on the sewer line and eventually dropped and damaged the line.

More from the Strib:
They had to quit using water in Lang's Minneapolis home after a renter noticed sewage backing up from a drain in the basement apartment. They followed the markings for the waste pipe out to the street, where they found the likely culprit: a wooden pole installed in February for the city's Wi-Fi equipment.

"The pole was on top of the sewer line," said Angela Lang, who is visiting her brother from Texas. "Last Friday, the whole mess collapsed."

The Langs called City Hall on Friday and Monday, but no one came to fix it. On Tuesday, fed up with waiting for the city, Angela Lang called Whistleblower. A few hours later, trucks filled the street in front of the East River Terrace home. A portable toilet was delivered to the back yard until the work could be finished today.

The residents called the Strib this afternoon to report their sewer system was up and running again today.