Minneapolis wants $30 million cut of Metrodome sale

This isn't going to help the Vikings on that whole new stadium plan idea thing.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak sent a letter to Gov. Mark Dayton earlier this week claiming the city is entitled to a $30 million cut of the profits if the Metrodome is sold -- money that has been set aside to help foot the bill for the Arden Hills stadium proposal.

Rybak spokesman John Stiles says the mayor is actually a big advocate for a new stadium, but doesn't think this $30 million should help fund it, especially if the Vikings move out of Minneapolis as planned.

"The mayor's often said, 'Number one, it's important for the Vikings to stay in Minnesota'," says Stiles. "His strong preference is they stay in Minneapolis."

In the letter, sent to Dayton on Monday, Rybak asserts that the current stadium plan ignores Minneapolis' financial contributions to the Dome.

"As City elected leaders, this raises significant concerns," writes Rybak. "We believe the City has clear and demonstrable rights to the proceeds from the Metrodome sale. The City's contributions over time have been significant."

According to the letter, that includes $15.8 million generated by a tax on liquor and hotels, $5.8 million in revenue from city-owned parking lots, $75,000 annually from parking meters (bastards!), and $4 million paid by the city to reroute sewage and water lines to accommodate the Dome.

Rybak also cites a state law that dictates the city get another $5 million from the sale, bringing the total to about $30.5 million.

"If the Metrodome property is sold, the City should recoup its $30.5 million from the net sale proceeds," writes Rybak.

Here's that letter in full:

R.T. Rybak's Metrodome letter

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