Minneapolis tows 542 cars overnight in snow emergency

We hate snow tow

We hate snow tow

A total of 542 cars were towed overnight in Minneapolis due to the snow emergency.

We know how much it sucks. But really, despite how much the city tries to warn everyone, it seems that people just aren't paying attention. The total number of cars pulled in last night is about the same number towed on Day 1 the last few times a snow emergency was declared.

So, for the love of your wallet, get outside and make sure your car is in a safe spot. And please, please, check out the city's snow emergency rules. Here's a quick review of the basics:


​Minneapolis: We're already under winter-long parking restrictions, but those get dropped until after the snow emergency.

Today is Day 2 of the emergency. Park on the odd side of non-Snow Emergency Route streets, and on either side of streets with the red sign: Snow Emergency Route. Do not park on the even side of non-Snow Emergency routes, and on either side of parkways.

Tomorrow (Feb. 2) is Day 3 At 8 a.m., Day Three parking rules begin. Park on even side of non-Snow Emergency Route streets, and on either side of Snow Emergency Routes. You may park on parkways.


Do not park on the ODD side of non-Snow Emergency Route streets

For more information see the City of Minneapolis web site.

St. Paul: Today the city begins plowing day plow routes at 8 a.m. That means all non-posted east-west residential streets and the non-posted side of north-south residential streets. Parking is banned until streets are plowed full width to the curb. For more information, visit the St. Paul city website.

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