Minneapolis superintendent: Desegregation district not working

Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

So much for desegregation in Twin Cities

Minneapolis Superintendent Bill Green said he wants to drop the district's participation in the first Twin Cities desegregation district because it isn't meeting goals. The West Metro Education Program (WMEP) started in 1989, has two schools: the Interdistrict Downtown School (IDDS) in Minneapolis, which is grades K-12, and the Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource (FAIR) school, in Crystal, which is grades 4-8. The FAIR school is 69 percent white, compared with 33 percent at IDDS.

Don't overdose your drunk girlfriend... it's manslaughter

A former heroin addict gave his drunk girlfriend a deadly dose of prescribed methadone. Now he's been convicted of manslaughter.

Minneapolis students might start before Labor Day in 2009

The Minneapolis school board will likely approve a 2009-10 schedule with students starting class on Sept. 1. That's about a week before Labor Day and state law prohibits schools to start before that unless there are special circumstances. The school board says the late Labor Day limits class time in the beginning of the year and pushes school into mid-June which could hurt high school students when they are looking for summer jobs.

St. Paul plans to dump snow emergency ticket contractor

The contractors in charge of ticketing and towing cars in St. Paul during snow emergencies were busted more than a dozen times taking cars that were parked on the correct side of the street. So the city will likely dump the contract and do it in-house. You'd think the ticket writers were getting paid by the ticket, but the PiPress says they are paid hourly and have no incentive to ticket cars parked in the right place.

'Little House' goes national

"Little House on the Prairie" will launch a national tour at the Ordway this fall during their 2009-10 season. The musical was a sold-out run when it premiered at the Guthrie last year.