Minneapolis storm drain turns into geyser [VIDEO]

Minneapolis storm drain turns into geyser [VIDEO]

On Sunday, a storm drain on 25th and Como Avenues burst from the ground during torrential downpours, resulting in a curbside geyser for this residential street (shown above).

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Though the phenomenon captured the attention of several passers-by, Minneapolis Sewer Operations is unsurprised by the incident.

"This happens all the time," said a man who answered the Sewer and Storm Drain Hotline but declined to provide his name because he was not authorized to speak in an official capacity. "The storm drains just aren't in the proper condition to hold that much water."

When water pressure builds in the sewers during heavy rain, it is not uncommon for a storm drain to burst free from the curb.

Several other neighborhoods in south Minneapolis are also at risk for this phenomenon. Local climate changes have only aggravated the problem. Minneapolis isn't built to withstand flash floods, and our current sewer system simply cannot handle them without overflowing.

In response to growing concern about this geyser phenomenon, federal money is now funding crews to survey underground tunnels like the one beneath Como. For now, witnesses are encouraged to report any other cases of curbside geysers.

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