Minneapolis-St. Paul has hundreds of local women-owned businesses. Here's a list.


Last Tuesday afternoon, Kate Iverson tried doing a little crowdsourcing.

Iverson was looking to reach potential sponsors for an upcoming exhibit at Public Functionary, the art gallery she co-directs in northeast Minneapolis, maybe find a couple extra vendors for a holiday market she's hosting there.

Iverson put out a call to her Facebook friends, writing simply, "Local women-owned business roll call." She didn't even say why she wanted the recommendations. She didn't need to.

"I was expecting to just get a handful of responses, maybe a few ideas to add to my list," Iverson says now. "But it really snowballed! In a good way, of course."

Within 24 hours, Iverson had a gigantic list, with hundreds of businesses owned outright or co-owned by Twin Cities businesswomen. The roster spans industries, from public relations to restaurants to architecture. 

It was a lot more than Iverson needed, but maybe just the kind of cathartic contribution some of her friends wanted. Iverson had put out the call less than two weeks after the election, when the dream of a qualified woman winning the presidency was deferred once more.

Iverson's list is a reminder that women are capable of being in charge -- and that in many, many instances, they already are. 

"The political and social climate is pretty intense right now," Iverson says. "I think that was a driver for so many people contributing to this list and wanting to raise up their friends and local businesses."

Though by no means comprehensive, Iverson decided she ought to do something with the list, try to get it into the hands of the broader public. To that end, she's shared her results with Pollen and Springboard for the Arts, and City Pages. Iverson figures the more places the list winds up, the more useful it might become.

And the more complete: She knows there are plenty of female-led businesses that she's not aware of.

Feel free to leave any others in the comments section.



Kindred Folk

Shop Digs

Gumball Boutique

Samantha Rei Fashion

Lula Vintage Wear

Parc Boutique


June ReSale

Shop Mille


Repair Lair

Sisterhood Boutique

Lula Vintage Wear


Scrappy Products

Urban Junket Bags

Urban Undercover

Wool and Whiskey

Scarborough Fair Boutique

Rewind Minneapolis

Poppy Fun Fashion

Seams Notty Studio

Semblance Boutique

Sew Simple

Local Motion

Nani Nalu Beachwear

Jennasea Swim

Cat Inspired

House of Gina Marie

Tzu Tzu Sport Black

Bespoke Leather

Golden Pearl Vintage

The Bowtie Shoppe


VintagePoint Fargo

Proper and Prim

Cabi Fashion Stylist


Neal Jewelry

J.Lux Jewelry

Flash & Bang

Taillon Made

Rox Minneapolis Jewelry

Dead Things By Sarah

Bouchard Design Co.

Secret Basement Lab Studio


Owl & Lark


Haus Salon

Blink for Beauty

Complexions on Carter

Julie Swenson Beauty

StormSister Saptique

Ahnesti Haircare

Intelligent Nutrients

Hair Police

3Way Beauty

Mirabella Studio

Whitney VerMeer - The Aesthetic X

Makeup by naseem Rafiei

Pompadour: A Lifestyle Salon

Carve Salon


Fox Den Salon

Midwest Makeup Supply

Nicole Fae Makeup Artist

The Hive Salon

Leila’s Brow Art


Tempo Creative

Ignite Models

Table Fort


VJAA Architects

Camponovo Consulting

Visions Merging

Mitrebox Framing


Clockwork Active Media

BumbleBee Concierge

BackPocket Strategy


Lola Red PR


Lee Branding

Clever Kate PR

Nina Hale

The Social Lights

Liani Rey Creative

Tall Grass Digital

VimLab Productions


Snow Kreilich Architects

White Crane Design/Build

Violet’s Flowers & Events

Vivid Interiors

Puke Rainbows Creative

Adore Productions Event Design

Nicolette Interior Design

Arquette Modeling Agency

Luna Vinca Floral


Autumn Lee Studios

Joe and Jen Photography

Studio Laguna Photography

Fotos for Barcelona / Sarah White Photography

B. Fresh Productions

Amber Procaccini Photography

Meredith Westin Photography

Rhea Pappas Photography

All Ways Film & Photography

Landskov Photography


Merry Time Arts

The Palette and Perl

Gamut Gallery

McGrill Art Associates

Twin Cities TOSCA Magazine

Gallery 360

Grand Hand Gallery

Sheryl Tuorila Mosaics

Leslie Barlow Art

Kate Iverson Art

Public Functionary

Megan Bell Studio

Portraits by Amina Harper

Mercury Mosaics

Your Art’s Desire Gallery & Framing

Ligh tGrey Art Lab

Goddess of Glass

JobyLynn Sassily-James Art

ColorWheel Gallery

Twin Cities Fancy

Jodi Reeb


Bruno Press

Frank Theater

Rudy Fig Art

Cadybeth Craft and Gift Shows

Wet Paint Art Supply

Miss Amy Jo

Suki the Saint

Mackenzie Owens Art


Retro Wanderlust



Harriann Upholstery

Covet Consign & Design

Organized Period

Mother Earth Gardens


I Like You


Bibelot Shops

Belle Weather

Regla De Oro

Homemade Gifts & Crafts

Minneapolis Chandlery

Avalon on Grand


Electric Fetus

Sarah White Music & DJ

Damaged Goods Booking & Management

Lee Engele

Total Music Systems Inc.


Totally Baked Donuts

Bogart’s Doughnut Company

Sugar Sugar Candy

Rise Bagel Co.

Sift Gluten Free

Empire Coffee

Ginkgo Coffeehouse

Salty Tart

Birchwood Cafe

Amore Coffee

Dilla Ethiopian Restaurant

GYST Fermentation Bar

Golden Fig Fine Foods

Chowgirls Killer Catering

Canteen 3255

The Coffee Shop NE

Sweet Science Ice Cream

Muddy Paws Cheesecake

Cafe Southside

Workhorse Coffee Bar

Black Dog Cafe

Twin Spirits Distillery

Chef Shack Ranch

Hans’ Bakery

Cafe Racer

Maeve’s Cafe

The Finnish Bistro

Kafe 421

Tiny Diner


Red Stag Supper Club

Bryant Lake Bowl

The Third Bird


Healing Elements

Healing InSight Acupuncture

Moe Bodyworks

Uptown Bell Fitness

Uptown Dermatology

Bliss Yoga Studio

Barre Bliss Studio

Mama Gracie’s Pregnancy Shop and Spa

Panacea Biomed

Kristen Lund Therapist

Deborah Ramos Massage Therapy

Fusion Life Spa

KIDS Pacifier

Teeny Bee Boutique

Created to Grow


Cherry Cycles

Mitrebox Framing

Studio The Smitten Kitten

Red Seat Hiring

Sarah Henry Suemnig Fundraising Consultant

Two Bettys Cleaning Service

Touching Lives Adult Day Services

Talon Performance Group

Minnesota Women’s Press

Prosperwell Financial