Minneapolis South girl's volleyball team takes a knee during national anthem

They lost the game, but won attention from across the country.

They lost the game, but won attention from across the country.

Colin Kaepernick's one-knee protest movement continues to spread among the nation's athletes.

NFL players might have taken the lead, but now the racial justice demonstration is trickling down to politically conscious high schoolers. One of the latest in that list came Thursday night, when the entire girl's volleyball team at Minneapolis South dropped to one knee during the playing of the national anthem.

Their move drew notice from New York Daily News writer Shaun King, who tweeted a photo of the moment. 



USA Today contacted the team's coach, and instead heard back from a spokesman at Minneapolis Public Schools. 

"We respect our students' right to freedom of speech," Dirk Tedmon said, "as long as their actions do not threaten the safety and security of others."

A lot of people sure acted like they were threatened by the protest from Kaepernick, a backup quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers. We'll see if they're as up in arms when the same technique is deployed by 16-year-old girls. 

As USA Today notes, a handful of football players at Minneapolis North took after Kaepernick's lead almost immediately. 

South went on to lose the night's game, 3-0, and dropped to a record of 1-5 on the season. At that rate, they probably won't make a state tournament. Instead they're making headlines.